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Welcome to JPTS International. Here at JPTS international, we recognize the contribution various Nigerian education ministries and bodies, we therefore took the mantle

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As a result of its accreditation status by ASIC and its relationship with ASIC accredited Institutions, JPTS is able to offer professional courses which culminate in an international

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Ever conceived the idea to taking up a master degree in Educational Administration and Planning, Accounting and Management Science, Business Administration, Environment

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This is to inform the students of JPTS International of the Partnership Strategy review. Going forward, some colleges which were listed has been unlisted officially. This is furthering to the need for JPTS Evaluation & Credit Transfer Collaboration with accredited institution to help our student achieve her Academic Mandate at affordable cost.

List of School currently approved are:

-      Edexcel University
-      St Louis University
-      Poma Business University
-      South America University
-      Pan American College California
-      American Institute of Certified Professionals
-      American Welding Society
-      International Institute Of Risk and Safety Management Uk
-      Cass Europe.

Student shall be informed when Management Finalize Arrangement with More Institution.